Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help with Diabetes?

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Diabetes is a disease characterized by high blood glucose, or blood sugar, levels. A simple but often overlooked way to help with diabetes is with apple cider vinegar (ACV). If you struggle with diabetes, consistently making diet changes that don't work or help manage your symptoms, apple cider vinegar can help you in several ways.

Apple cider vinegar helps with diabetes because it is rich in acetic acid - its main active ingredient. Acetic acid has been shown to lower glucose (blood sugar) levels, stabilize blood sugar, and break down fat cells.

The acetic acid in ACV also improves insulin sensitivity. This enables your body to respond properly to insulin. The glucose comes from the foods you consume, while insulin is the hormone that helps glucose enter your cells for them to have energy.

When your body increases its use of insulin, it means you need less overall insulin and can manage your symptoms better through diet alone. This increased insulin sensitivity also reduces the risk of one developing diabetes. Plus, apple cider vinegar is high in acid, which lowers the body's pH levels and slows the rate of sugar absorption into your bloodstream. By increasing your stomach's acid levels and helping you maintain blood sugar levels, ACV helps you maintain more alkaline pH in the body to promote digestion, detoxification, and circulation. 

Apple cider vinegar can also help with diabetes because it works to lower cholesterol levels. ACV helps the body get rid of excess glucose that would otherwise be turned into fat cells, while also slowing down or preventing the liver's production of cholesterol.

Furthermore, the acetic acid in ACV reduces triglycerides - the fat molecules associated with an increased risk for heart attack. One study shows that participants on a low-calorie diet who took ACV not only lost more weight but had lower triglycerides and total cholesterol than the placebo group. Research suggests that acetic acid may even reduce blood pressure when taken long-term.

Best of all, apple cider vinegar is natural and has plenty of added benefits for improved overall health, including antioxidant properties and numerous vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

The bottom line is that you should supplement apple cider vinegar into your lifestyle if you want to manage your weight or diabetes. Apple cider vinegar supplements work by increasing metabolism while reducing cravings and expediting fat loss naturally.

Apple cider vinegar supplements like our ACV complex capsules make it easier for your body to lose weight by metabolizing fat more quickly while suppressing your appetite so that you don't ingest more calories than you need.

Apple cider vinegar capsules like The Longevity Lab’s apple cider vinegar supplements are easy to take - just swallow two capsules with water and a meal!

Note that these apple cider vinegar capsules should never replace exercise and healthy eating habits for managing diabetes or weight loss. However, if you are struggling to keep your blood sugar in check, apple cider vinegar is proven to be significantly helpful for that.

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